Free LED globe upgrade

Are you a Victorian resident or business? You’re in luck.
Glower’s fully qualified electricians can upgrade ALL of your ineficient lights to LED, complelety free.

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Free upgrades for all Victorian homes and businesses

Accredited under the VEU Scheme (Victorian Energy Upgrades) – a sustainable initiative delivered by the Victorian Government, Glower is an Accredited Provider, registered to offer residential and commercial lighting upgrades completely FREE.

How is it free?

Large energy retailers such as AGL and Origin are required to reduce their carbon footprint by acquiring Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) to meet the annual target set under Victorian legislation. Accredited Persons (AP’s) such as Glower, create these VEECS by replacing inefficient lighting to energy-efficient LED in residential and non-residential premises and sell directly to the energy retailers for surrender.

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2-year warranty

All LED replacements have a 2-year warranty

35,000-hour lifespan

All LED replacements have a minimum 35,000-hour lifespan (roughly 20 years)

qualified electricians.

All LED replacements are installed by fully qualified electricians.

Globes that can be replaced



New Globe Details

CFL (Compact fluorescent)

7 Watts 1000 lumens • 35,000 hrs Non dimmable 2 yr warranty Warm white

Incandescent (BC & ES)

7 Watts 1000 lumens • 35,000 hrs Non dimmable 2 yr warranty Warm white 


Halogen MR16

5 Watts 500 lumens (equivalent to 50w halogen) 35,000 hrs Non dimmable 2 yr warranty Warm white

Halogen GU10

6 watts 570 lumens 35,000 hrs Dimmable 2 yr warranty Warm white Brand

PAR 38 Spotlight

LED Spotlight
12 watts 1300 lumens • 36,000 hrs • Non dimmable -2 yr warranty Warm white

Incandescent or CFL Candles

B15/B22/E14/E27 Candle LED
3 watts 450 lumens 35,000 hrs DIMMABLE 2 yr warranty Warm white 

Brands we work with

frequently asked questions

Is it totally free?

Yes, by reducing your energy consumption and use of harmful greenhouse gases through upgrading to LED, we are able to create energy efficiency certificates which we sell to energy suppliers.

How does the program work?

The Victorian Government is subsidising the LED upgrades to reduce greenhouse gases and lower electricity bills under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) Program which aims to reduce greenhouse gases by providing access to energy efficient products and services.
Glower is accredited by the Victorian Government to upgrade inefficient lighting across Victoria.  For more information on the program you can visit:

How can I be sure Glower is an Accredited Provider?

To check Glower’s accreditation, you can visit and type in our business name.

Am I eligible to have my globes changed to LED?

Almost everyone is eligible for an LED upgrade IF they have old, inefficient lighting in their home or business. We cannot replace globes that are already LED.

How do I know if I already have LED globes?

If your globe looks like the below image, it is already LED and CANNOT be replaced.

If you are still unsure, you can send us a photo of one of your globes. Stand directly under one of the downlights, keep the light on and point your phone up to the ceiling. Take a picture and send it to 0423 199 967.     

Are the new LEDs brighter than my existing lights?

Yes, even though the new LEDS have a lower wattage, their lumen output is higher and the brightness spreads much wider with an LED (wattage is energy consumption – lumen is the light output or brightness of the light)

What colours do you have?

We stock both 3000k warm white and 4000k cool white globes for our main 7w BC and ES globes. All other globes only come in 3000k warm white.

Will swapping to LED reduce my energy consumption?

Yes, by removing your old inefficient lighting and installing LED globes, you will be reducing your energy consumption by up to 60%

Can you come to my property to have a look at what globes I have before I make an appointment?

Unfortunately not. We need an estimated total count of your globes so we can add you to the list. If you are unsure, please send us a picture of one of your globes.

How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

Generally, no longer than two weeks but most likely within seven days of your booking. 

What if the appointment time you provide doesn’t suit me?

Just decline the appointment offer and we will keep you on the list until we have another availability in your area.

Are your globes compatible with all transformers?

The globes are made to be compatible with 99% of existing transformers. Our electrician will test the compatibility prior to the replacement as well.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, all globes come with a two-year warranty.

How long do the LED globes last?

Our LEDs have a life span of approx. 35,000 hrs which is roughly 20+ years.

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What our customers say

It was minimal fuss and the globes are certainly an improvement, but like millions of houses in Australia we have two stories. Some of our light globes are therefore two stories high. Part of the reason we booked is because we can't reach these ourselves, yet the installer just had a step ladder. We are genuinely shocked that a professional light globe installation service was unable to change light globes higher than one story.
Abbey Jane
Abbey Jane
02:46 12 Apr 22
I would just like congratulate ALL involved in the process Janet, and SEB very professional and curtious.
Laurie Dunn
Laurie Dunn
01:17 29 Jul 21
I booked an appointment via their website. Luckily for me they had some late cancellations in my area. Michelle called me to ask if Luke could come and perform the replacements straight away which I agreed to as I am working from home. Luke called shortly after to let me know when he would arrive. Luke arrived on time and quickly replaced all halogen lights with LEDs (aside from dimmables). No mess and no fuss, Luke was friendly and efficient. Great service.
Glenn Mafodda
Glenn Mafodda
05:46 01 Jul 21
We booked an appointment with a "door knocker" for 8-11 this morning. The installer did not show and when I rang Glower was told that there was no record of the appointment, and someone was in the area and would be with us by 3PM.At 2.50PM, no one had arrived and I was starting to get annoyed when there was a ring on the doorbell. It was Matt from Glower.What a pleasure to deal with him; professional, pleasant, co-operative, and efficient. He certainly saved the reputation of Glower with us.I would have no hesitation in dealing with Glower again as long as Matt was "the man"
David Alexander
David Alexander
05:46 27 May 21
Had Rohan from Glower around today to do the changeover to LED lighting throughout my home. Couldn't be happier. Rohan did a great job, was quick and efficient and had all the appropriate types of globes on hand to replace all ceiling lights and the bulbs in my lamps. The lights provided are great new natural light emitting LED lamps. Thanks Rohan for doing a great job.
Brad Woodford
Brad Woodford
08:30 02 Dec 20
My small business workshop has been greatly improved by this team swapping my fluorescent tubes over to very nice and bright LED ones.
Jake Harry
Jake Harry
06:40 26 Apr 20
Sam Jeffrey S
Sam Jeffrey S
15:50 02 Feb 20
Matt was very professional and installed them with no dramas. All done and working brightly.
Bruce Donald
Bruce Donald
01:01 05 Dec 19
Reliable, efficient & knowledgeable team. Would highly recommend.
Carlo Pollastrelli
Carlo Pollastrelli
19:54 22 Sep 17
Sam and his whole team are absolute professionals, really nice people and did a great job. I'd recommend to anyone needing an electrician!
calum brownlie
calum brownlie
03:00 09 Aug 17
Excellent work by Sam & his team! Did a wonderful job setting up my new circuit board and some other pieces around the place. Would highly recommend Sam & His team to anyone!
Shaun H
Shaun H
23:49 29 May 17
Presented the boys with a tricky power and lighting job and they absolutely nailed it. Brett's workmanship was spot-on and Sam was a pleasure to deal with. HIGHLY RECCOMMEND
09:25 06 Mar 16
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