Four advantages await you when utilizing our energy-efficient hot water heat pump.

✓ Energy Efficiency: Electric heat pumps are more energy-efficient than traditional gas hot water systems. Heat pumps move heat rather than generating it, making them more efficient in converting energy into heat for water.

✓ Lower Operating Costs: While electricity rates vary, in many regions, electric heat pumps can be more cost-effective to operate compared to gas systems. This is especially true if you have access to low-cost electricity or if the price of natural gas is relatively high.

✓ Environmental Impact: Electric heat pumps are often considered more environmentally friendly, especially in areas where the electricity grid relies on renewable energy sources. They produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions on-site compared to gas systems.

✓ Incentives and Rebates: This initiative is supported via rebates offered by the Victorian Government for eligible households.

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Thank you for installing the Emerald Heat Pump System. The whole process was smooth and quick. The team helped me with the rebates. They were able to reduce the price of the hot water system significantly from the market price. The installers were professional and did an excellent job. The new hot water system has been running well and we’re very happy with it.

Sam Ch / Google

I would like to really appreciate the efficiently executed installation of a Heat Pump by GLOWER at our property in South Morang last week on Thursday. The application process was easy and clearly explained from the quote to the rebate eligibility and application. Your certified electrician (Brendan) came in early to assess and map out the electricity source and in no time, he had completed the power point ready for your certified Plumber (Steven) to begin his work, which he did with such efficiency. Their knowledge and professionalism through out the installation process was clearly top notch and in 3 or so hrs, the pump was up and running. It is working efficiently, connects to wifi, heats the water pretty well, low noise emission, blended in with my wife’s plants…….I am so proud to have this brand new hardware in our compound. I can’t recommend GLOWER highly enough to anyone looking to have one of these installed at their property. Thanks GLOWER!

Stephen Njuguna / Google